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Many of you have probably noticed the references to Pro Plans scattered here and there on the site over the last couple of months. Now that the v3 release has stabilised, I've now managed to find time to finish the Plan features.

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So it's been about a month since we released the Rebrickable v3 "update". I thought I'd write a quick post to bring everyone up to speed with what has happened in that month.

After the initial release, there were significant performance problems that were not revealed during testing. With some hardware upgrades and weeks of performance tuning work it is now running much better. There are still some timeouts occuring when viewing huge lists of items or trying to import massive files, but I will continue working on improving things.

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About 18 months ago I had a dangerous thought - "what would I do differently if I were to start again?". The answer was "a lot"! The first 5 years of Rebrickable has taught me so much about building and running a large website, I learned about fields I didn't even know existed :)

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As previously announced, I have spent most of the last year on completely rebuilding Rebrickable from scratch. I am now opening up the testing site for access to everyone, please take a look around and try it out!

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Numbers time! Rebrickable has been running for five years now, and 2016 was an extremely busy time for me.

The below chart shows the daily page views for the last 5 years. There is always a surge of activity right after Christmas which eventually tapers off, but the overall trend shows some decent growth.

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